A key concern for many employers when the subject of employee training is brought to the table is both the cost of training and the employer’s return on investment (ROI). An unfortunate concern is the possibility that the employee, shortly after completing costly training, will find an opportunity to leave for a better job with higher pay.

Employers may be reluctant to serve as a participant in an apprenticeship program. We have taken a number of steps designed to lessen this reluctance. They include:

  • The costs of training employees, including course fees, textbooks, and the costs associated with the IT related certification exams is being paid out of grant funds, and not by the employer or employee.
  • Courses are being taught in an online modality, providing employees with the opportunity to complete the requisite course work outside of normal work hours.
  • Courses are aligned with the “knowledge units” identified by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security (NSA/DHS), as co-sponsors of the Center of Academic Excellence for Cyber Defense – 2 Year (CAE2Y) program (Coastline holds this designation).
  • Courses are aligned with the exam objectives for specific industry recognized certifications that are American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited. Those certifications include:
    • CompTIA Network+, Security+, Linux+, and CySA+
    • EC-Council CEHv9
  • The above identified certifications are recognized by the Department of Defense in Directive 8140.01 (replacing but reissuing Directive 8570.01).
  • Employees will receive academic credit for each class, providing the opportunity to extend their educational efforts, obtaining an associate degree with the possibility to continue their goals and obtain higher level degrees through transfer programs available to a number of colleges and universities.

While IT related apprentice programs are not widespread in the United State, they are relatively common in Europe. A recent study by Maryland based TranZed Apprenticeship Services identified a number of factors that support involvement by employers in apprenticeship programs. They include:

  • Apprenticeships Provide Skilled Workers for Your Future
  • Apprenticeships Increase Staff Retention
  • Apprenticeships Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Apprenticeships Result in Increased Productivity
  • Apprentices Can Inspire Your Business

If your organization is interested in participating in this California Community College Chancellor’s program, please complete the “interest form” available at the link below.